The Drip Drop Yo-Yo Grinder is a novelty invention straight from the top minds at Drip Drop HQ. Witness the combined excitement of Yo-Yo fun, fashionable design and the ability to grind your herb of choice. The Yo-Yo is made with an extreme focus on sustainability. Locally produced and assembled in Germany, made of recycled plastic and wood. Get ready to be the coolest cat at any social gathering. Unless somebody else also brought one, in that case we recommend a Yo-Yo Off (or trick competition for the laypeople).


Check out our suggestion on how to wear the Yo-Yo:


– measurements: 6 cm diameter, 4 cm height, 77 g weight

– material: recycled PLA and wood composite (food grade)

– assembly: high quality bearing (11x4x4mm) & starburst response system

– incl. 110cm string; we recommend shortening the string to fit your height

– Made in: Berlin, Germany

– Free shipping worldwide





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